Leveraging the --timer-finished-command in the Wyoming Satellite

I would like to leverage the --timer-finished-command in a Wyoming Satellite to send a notification to our phones when a timer has finished. Preferably with the name of the timer in the notification.
Does anyone know how this would be accomplished?
I assume I would need a script in the Wyoming Satellite to send a webhook to Home Assistant to trigger an automation. Im just not sure how to accomplish this…

In case someone else is searching for this answer…
Create an automation triggered by a webhook first.
This is the contents of my script:


curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "key": "value" }'<my webhook>

In the folder you put the script in your Wyoming Satellite, you need to run the command

chmod +x your-script.sh

This will make the script executable.
Make sure to be in the folder the script is in to run that command
Then in your wyoming services config add

--timer-finished-command '/home/your-file-path/your_script.sh' \