Leviton Decora Losing Connection to Cloud in HA

I have noticed this for the last couple of weeks and I am unable to find a solution or a way to debug this. Seems like every couple of days the integration is losing connection or maybe getting logged out from the decora cloud integration. When this happens, I can’t control the light switches nor can I get the right status of my light switches. Only way to fix it is to restart HA.

Can someone please assist me on this? I tried to go to github but since this is part of the core, I am not sure how to report it there.

I don’t think it is a HA issues. I have Leviton Decora switches myself and I think it is a cloud issue with Leviton. I have a periodic delay with HA, then I check with the Leviton app and the delay is still there. This is a sporatic issue; but a problem enough for me to move to Shelly PM1s behind all my switches (in progress).

No I am checking this religiously. When this happens, the Leviton App works fine. But HA controls don’t work. Only way around it to restart HA.

Is there anyway to restart the integration only without restarting HA?

Hi Guys, this is still happening for me quite frequently. Can someone please assist me in terms of how I can debug this? Why is it randomly losing connection to the cloud? I can still control the light from the MyLeviton app when HA is not able to control the lights. Restarting HA is the only fix I have.