Leviton DZPD3 for example

I am finally transitioning from x10 to Z-wave. At this point the project is replacing modules. Switched and dimmable outlet plugins. Some in-wall devices.
Leviton is solid and easily found.
I do not see support in Hass for Leviton Z-wave devices, but I do see some chatter in this forum.
Am I missing a fundamental? Is this type of device so basic that it is simply supported out of the box?
Does it require a custom integration?
No wrong answer here, just that I thought this part would be easy, after installing hass on Centos ;).

I’d say a majority of Z-Wave devices are supported out of the box. There are a few devices that may not work well currently, like Sirens, but switches and plugs are not much a problem. HA docs are not going to list every single device that could be supported.

Personally, Leviton would not be my first choice for Z-Wave products. The selection looks small, expensive, and outdated. If you go with Leviton, make sure the device is Z-Wave Plus, since many are not.

Thanks for the quick reply! Exactly what I was looking for.
Would you be willing to provide some other brand examples? I agree that Leviton is limited, a concern.
I wanted to be confident in the electrical safety and Leviton is that company.
I never installed an x10 wall switch - too much like a toy for safety.
Thanks again.

For swiches and plugs, GE/Jasco, Zooz, Inovelli, Aeotec and HomeSeer are all reputable products in my view.

I have GE and HomeSeer switches.

GE/Jasco are probably most similar in appearance to Leviton and dumb Decora switches. These switches have less features than others.

Zooz, Inovelli, Aeotec and HomeSeer have switches that provide more capabilities (multi-tap scenes, RGB indicators, etc.). Don’t quote me on it, but I thought at at least previously Jasco, Zooz and Inovelli were built in the same factory, just with different designs.

For plugs, probably GE/Jasco, Aeotec or Zooz. I’ve never used any.

I believe all of the above make UL certified devices. Check the manuals or with the manufacturer.

That Leviton DZPD3 plugin dimmer is Z-Wave Plus, so you’d be fine with that. The GE equivalent is actually more expensive.

Honeywell is also a Jasco brand.

I also see numerous general blogs on the interweb that are over the moon re Lutron hardware. Granted, it is not Z-anything. Notwithstanding the need for the Smart Bridge, is this perhaps the best of all worlds, including a solid piece of ‘electrical’ equipment?

Lutron has Caseta and RA2. Quite expensive and for some the design style is offensive, but by the sounds of it the products are very reliable. Out of my budget, so I’ll stick with Z-Wave.