Leviton joins as a Works with Home Assistant partner

Today we are happy to announce our first Works with Home Assistant partner: Leviton!

Leviton is an American lighting, wiring device, and load control company. Their products can be found in almost every home across the United States. As a partner, they will work with Nabu Casa to make sure that their line of Z-Wave devices will work great with Home Assistant. This gives users the best experience and will continue to give a great experience with automatic firmware updates via Home Assistant.

Leviton Z-Wave devices work locally and integrate seamlessly with the Z-Wave integration in Home Assistant (Z-Wave stick required). As all connectivity is happening locally, status updates and controlling your devices happen instantly in Home Assistant. Each device that is connected to power will also act as a Z-Wave router to extend your Z-Wave mesh network.

Leviton Decora Smart Z-Wave Devices include their DZ6HD dimmer, DZ15S switch, ZW4SF Fan Speed Controller, DZPD3 Plug-in Dimmer, DZPA1 Plug-in Switch, and ZW15R Outlet. All of these devices can be found on their Amazon store. These devices can then be used inside of your home to turn on the lights when you walk into a room, turn your bedside lamps on at a certain time, and much much more.

If you would like to learn more about the Leviton products and integration check out their integration page! Leviton will also show up in the integrations list in Home Assistant version 2022.8!

If you missed the announcement of the Works with Home Assistant partner program, make sure to check out the blog post.

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Great new!

hopefully this is extended to their zigbee products as well.


Yeah, and next a Zwave producer from Europe, please :wink:

Great news :ok_hand:


Get Kwikset so that all my primary Z-Wave devices start getting updates without me having to open service tickets with them :wink:

Any chance on the straight WiFi products? MQTT support would be amazing as well.

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Great news!… Just don’t let Leviton get too close, they distroyed Home Automation Inc and the Omni Pro!

WiFi device support would be great… Currently using the HomeKit integration on the 4 button scene controller switches, which are fantastic devices, but a native WiFi integration might be better (and the prior 4 button scene controller didn’t support HomeKit, so that wasn’t an option)

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Great news!! Good job team!

Leviton is a huge player in this market. Their products, as you say, are everywhere. This was a great place to start. Thank you!!

This thread probably isn’t a good place to post your personal “wish list” of other manufacturers or product lines. I’m quite sure the team is working hard to recruit new partners wherever they can.

That said, feel free to post a new Feature Request thread if you think you’ve got one that lots of people need. With enough votes, it might actually add some momentum.

Broken link to the blog post n last paragraph, should be https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2022/07/12/partner-program/

I have a significant number of Zwave Leviton devices already in Home Assistant via zwavejs. How will this news change what I already have set up?

My own experience with Leviton in the Z-Wave arena is bad, especially with their outlets. I’ve had 5 of 7 outlets stop talking to the Z-Wave network and all of them get stuck from time to time where I have to manually toggle them via the button before they are accessible to Z-Wave again. They are one of the most problematic Z-Wave devices I use, even the cheap Chinese stuff has been more reliable.

Very nice to hear! Looking forward to the Zigbee line of things to do the same.

Whoops. Thank you! Fixing that now

Nothing will change for you. Leviton Z-Wave devices use the Home Assistant maintained Z-Wave integration

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kinda reads like a sponsored blog post :frowning: - if so, please keep HA clean from sponsored posts. It’s one thing to be excited about a new partner, and kudos to Leviton for being the first one to join the program, but the post reads more like an ad for Leviton products than a neutral informal post.

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I have a Decora WiFi Dimmer of theirs. It had an integration for HomeAssistant, but it showed as unavailable half the time, and the delay for actions was 5-10 seconds, if it did anything at all. I think the integration got removed at some point.

Not great news on the Decora WiFi. To be clear for me, I want all local control. I will not allow anything except maybe Alexa use the cloud for control. Most of my switches are Shelly over MQTT, but I’d rather have a dedicated dimmer vs the separate pieces that Shelly requires. I use Leviton switches and rockers with all my Shellies. Be great if I could just use Leviton locally.

Note, I have nothing against Z-Wave. I have 3 Z-Wave devices, but everything else is local WiFi (usually MQTT). I’d rather stay consistent.

I am incorrect. The Leviton Decora WiFi integration still exists. It’s been a some time since I last used it, so I’m going to give it another try. I’ll report back if it has improved.

UPDATE: The latency is a fair bit better, and it seems to be more reliable too. Still using cloud polling, but improved.

As long as your WiFi system can handle it, local WiFi is great. And consistency makes everything simpler.

Huh… I don’t have outlets, but switches, dimmers, and a fan controller. The only negative I’d have to say about them is they are very light on features. I’ve never had reliability issues with them.

So, what’s the benefit for us, the users? Leviton and HA have now free publicity.
If there products are Zwave compliant, they already should work great with HA. And, with other zwave products too… so…
Or, did they sign a SLA?
Just wondering…