Leviton Switch - DZS15

I have 4 Leviton switches that are not being identified, how would I go about adding them? Not sure how all the xml/configs tie together.

here is the config from OpenZwave, I think: https://github.com/OpenZWave/open-zwave/blob/master/config/leviton/dz15s.xml

shows up as:

<Manufacturer id="1d" name="Leviton">
	<Product type="1c02" id="334" name="Unknown: type=1c02, id=0334" />

If you look at the manufactures XML file those are defined as:

In other words they do not take a custom configuration like you specify. This is confusing as there seems to be different models of DZS15 switches that all behave a bit differently.

I thought so but it shows up unknown. Mine is the older Zwave (not plus) model. Maybe that version isn’t supported?

Sorry to dig up this old conversation, but I came across an extra/old Leviton DZS15 light switch that I am having trouble getting configured properly. I have paired the switch successfully, as it shows up in z-wave config. However, the entity is not getting created.

I have played around a bit with the zwcfg file to insert the manufacturer ID, type, etc, without success Is there something I missing, or does this device just not work properly?

Appreciate the help

What version of HA are you using?

As of ~0.82 the DZS15 is detected correctly without any editing and such needed…

I am running 0.83.3.

Want to clarify one point. The z-wave entity is created I am not getting the switch entity.