Leviton Z-Wave Switch as Light

I’m currently trying to better organize my various lights/switches and have a large mix of switches & dimmers. All of them are connected to lights, so ideally I’d like to have everything in the light domain. I’ve played around with the light switch platform, which technically works, but adds a bunch of extra overhead and manual configuration (creating the lights in the config, excluding them from Google Home/Alexa, and trying to hide them on the UI).

Is there any way to automatically add all devices of a specific class (i.e. all Leviton DZ15S devices should be lights, not switches)? Or if I have to go the light switch route, is there a way to completely hide the original entity? I’d rather not see both the original switch & the new light in the UI, and if possible also avoid extra manual curation of the google config. I don’t think disabling the original works, since it is used as a base for the light template.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!