Levoit Plasma Pro 400S


After hours of trying to get this to work, I finally have the vesync_formatbce integration in my list. However, the integration is not finding my two devices, or any entities listed under the integration (neither did the built in vesync integration find any).

The only issue I can think of that may be causing the problem is that I have a Plasma Pro 400s, which is identical to the Core 400s, except that the Plasma Pro has an ionization feature. The manufacturer (Levoit) was contacted and stated this fact.

Is it possible that the name of the Plasma Pro is different from the Core when it reports the name to the API and is preventing the integration from finding the devices? I have two Plasma Pro’s on my account, and neither is showing in the integration.

If this is the case, can the name of the Plasma Pro be added to the integration? I’m not even sure how to find the name that is reported to the API.

Issue: Levoit Plasma Pro 400S

Thank you for all your help!!

I’m working on updating this integration (on the shoulders of others). Currently it (hopefully) works for all humidifiers, but a similar fix will be needed for the fans so all models in the library work with HA.

I have a test repo and created a new topic. VeSync development particularly for Levoit Humdifiers