VeSync development particularly for Levoit Humdifiers

Continuing the discussion from Add support for Levoit Classic 300S Smart Ultrasonic Top-Fill Cool Mist Humidifier in the VeSync integration:

I have put a test repo together that starts with the changes in this PR, but I have added some extra features that I will propose once that PR has been done.

It should now work for any Humidity device in the Python VeSync library (testing welcome).

In addition to the PR, for Humidity devices;

  • Added in 2 binary sensors (from alexanv1) for Tank lifted and out of water.
  • Added in the warm mist attributes (I’ll add being able to set this once I have someone to test it) - this is a separate branch for now as I cannot test it.
  • Added a Target Humidity number entity (adds a slider to adjust the target humidity level)
  • Added a switch for auto mode - when switching off Auto mode it goes to manual + mist level 1
  • Fixed the ‘step’ on the mist level slider

If anyone fancies testing this, it would be most welcome, especially if you have devices other than humidifiers using VeSync. Notes on how to add it to your custom-components are in the Readme. Please raise issues or suggestions there.

I have deprected this to contribute with @vlebourl on his HACS installable version.

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Hello! Is it possible to add LV600S via this integration? What are the steps? I’ve already added it via HACS, but don’t know how to discover the humidifier.

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No, it will not as the Fan check needs to be modified so that it checks for Fan models in the same manner the humidifier models are checked - see this comment Air Purifier 400S - LAP-C401S-WUSR not showing up in the integration · Issue #15 · vlebourl/custom_vesync · GitHub

This works great with my 300S! Thank you so much! It was such a rollercoaster of emotions today, discovering that VeSync had support, not seeing the 300S, then stumbling on this post! Very excited with this integration!


I have a Levoit 200s which has the “sleep” preset mode. However, once it’s set to “Sleep”, nothing I do will take it out this mode, short of turning it off and back on. Any idea why?



Thank you!,

It’s working perfectly for my 3 humidifiers:


Also wanted to say thank you - it’s working great with my Levoit Classic200S humidifier! Only thing I noticed was my model doesn’t have a Night Light but the option still appears.No big deal at all though!

Hey, I see you have a Dual 200s. I just got into home assistant and I have one of these but I’m having trouble finding where to start to integrate this into it. I was excited to see you got it to work and hoped you could point me in the right direction to get this to work.

Sure no problem.

I installed via HACS and added the repo directly into it: GitHub - vlebourl/custom_vesync: Custom VeSync component for Home Assistant

HACS: Home Assistant Community Store | HACS

Once you have HACS installed, go to it, click “Add a repository” and add the above link. Then refresh the UI and you can then search for it in the list. Custom Repositories | HACS

I’ve setup the integration but it took some time to discover the second air purifier.

Anyways, I want to setup an automation based on the air quality. If air quality is above -say- 7 I’d like the air purifier to turn on… and if below 7 then turn off.

I tried with the “state” trigger but I’m not sure what to type under “attributes” or “from” and “to”.

Your help is appreciated.