LG ESS PV System

I created an addon based on the pyess python script for LG ESS PV Systems.


How can I test this integration? From the sources it looks like it’s not completed?

I got into contact with Buktahula who updated the GitHub project also with example template and sensor configuration and with that the add-on works like charm. Here’s a screenshot of my dashboard created using the ESS values:


How do I install this addon?
When adding it as respository, HA tells me my processor or OS is not compatible…

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Hey there,
what exactly did you do with the sensor configuration to get it working?
My MQTT broker shows the receiving ESS-data in the logs, but I don’t have any entity shown up in HA.

Got it. My testing Pi had an old 32bit OS running🤦🏼‍♂️

@n3096 You have to add the code from the sensor.yaml to your configuration.yaml or better in your personal sensor.yaml (!include).



i Have installed the LG ESS PV Addon on my HA.
Did you install the MQTT Broker?
And how does the Entiteten comes into HA?

Hast du diese manuell angelegt in der pv.yaml oder kamen diese automatisch?
Bei mir hängt es aktuell da, das ich keine Entitäten habe.


Hi @morph,

I got a LG ESS too and installed the LG-AddOn and the Mosquitto-Broker AddOn.
Then configured the MQTT-integration and finally added the sensors to sensors.yaml - or you might put them into configuration.yaml.

I took the example-yaml-file from github, there is all I need for now.


Läuft für mich soweit :wink:

Thank you very much.

My Failure was that i thought that the ess Password is the one to go into the System of the LG as an installateur.
No, it is an Password what you need to extract anyway…

For now it works. Only the Battery for the charging dont work yet. Maybe tomorrow when its sunny

sorry that I didn’t report the problems and couldn’t help, unfortunately I was very busy at work and privately. But I see that you were all able to help each other, if anyone has any suggestions for improvements to the instructions or something, just contact GitHub.

Hi everyone

can someone explain how to install the addon anche get the ess password? I tried to run the command but nothing happen.


it works very well after i modify all sensors in the example sensor.yaml from




The only Thing i miss is pv3.

Thanks for this.


now got all that going and I really like your dash-board card. You’d like to share the code of that?

By the way, by searching around for the ESS device password, it’s mostly the MAC adress of the ESS in lower case w/o the : so you can easily find out by having a look into your routers UI