LG IR controller turning smart plug

Hello all,

I have LG TV with Broadlink mini 3 under it and I was able to learn command to power the TV. Next I made a script that turns on the smart plug which ultimately I want to switch on/ off the LG TV. The script works ok from HA. I wondered if it’s possible to use original LG ir controller to switch on/off the smart plug connected to TV (from my point of view the broadlink should listening all the time IR signals and when it receives the correct one it should run the script or automation and power up the TV - is it even possible?).

Thank you for any info or tips!

As far as I know, no.
I do not believe the Broadlink listen all the time, but perhaps it does.
But there is nowhere that I have seen that it outputs what it listen to at least.

You could use an ESP, ESP-Home and an IR receiver for the purpose you want.
It’s very simple and works very nicely here.