LG Portable Air Conditioner, Learned codes not working via Broadlink IR bridge (also looking for recommendations)

I recently purchased an LG portable air conditioner unit for my office, model LP0821GSSM.

Although it technically has “WiFi” connectivity, I do not wish to attempt integration that way, as the device would require always being connected to the internet. I am aware of the hacky “wideq” integration. I already tried it with a pair of LG “smart” washer/dryer and was unsuccessful getting v2 working.

My main concern, is it comes with an IR remote. I am able to use my Broadlink IR bridge to learn codes from the remote, (i.e. power on/off, temp up/down) however when I play them back, the LG unit simply doesn’t respond.

The remote itself that comes with the device is very bad as well, it gets out of sync with the device and really is just unresponsive. I have to mash buttons several times before it registers. I have tried replaying learned codes on the IR bridge literally right in front of the device, still no response.

Has anyone had any luck getting something like this working with a similar model of LG air conditioner?

I should be well within the return window for the LG unit, so if someone can recommend a model of portable AC that has better Home Assistant integration/support or at the least if someone can vouch for the IR codes actually working via an IR bridge…