LG Soundbar integration add night mode support


I use night mode on my soundbar to kill the bass at night once the wife has gone to bed. I would love to see this added as a switch entity.

The python library which this integration uses already has support for this setting through the set_night_mode function. python-temescal/temescal at 79e34f07517bd42d1d6fae0aa1d3a5ddf4873837 · google/python-temescal · GitHub

Would be very handy to wrap an automation around this to control that mode automatically.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Plus one on this one,
… also is there a reason the power state is always shown as on? Does anyone know if I can use some other attribute to check the power state of the soundbar so then I can hide it from ui?

there is this branch that adds displaying of states that could be ported in?:

A brief look shows that this might be more difficult than I’d hoped
The media player entity has a limited list of supported features, none of which really could be leveraged for night mode as far as I can see without actually changing the core repo.

I think it would have to be exposed as a switch rather than the media player. So keeping the media player as it is and then expose additional entities for the other features.

I found that @chrismccurdy added the power state support in this patch: Add power toggle function by chrismccurdy · Pull Request #1 · mjg59/python-temescal · GitHub
Would be awesome to have this merged into the official core integration. Cause right now the damn thing always shows as on. Also if someone knows how I can manually apply this patch that would be awesome as well :slight_smile:

As for night state we have it shown as an attribute maybe and do a service call to change it? If making a switch is too hard.