LG ThinQ Laundry Machine Integration

Hello everyone,

I’m considering buying a ThinQ laundry machine. However, I’m having some trouble finding exactly what they expose to HA regarding sensors and switches to evaluate if it’s worth paying the extra to have a smart laundry machine or not.

Does anyone reading this already have one setup that can give me a general overview of the exposed entities?


Only a dryer. And it exposes more then I need. Time left and which program is running is actually all I need. I think I posted a screenshot somewhere on the forum with all sensors in it. Edit: Washing machines with good HA integration? - #12 by frits1980

Thank you so much!

I made my dumb washing machine smart using smart plug, contact sensors and fingerbot. I use smart plug for energy monitoring and contact sensors for machine status. I use dropdown helper to switch and show washing machine statuses. It works better than I expected.

We have a washer and dryer and they work well.

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LG ThinQ? Do you know if they can be integrated locally, without cloud connections? Thanks-

Is there any “start/stop” button available in Home Assistant ? The idea is to be able to start / stop washer or drying depending on automation (think of availability on solar Power).

I was wondering the same, and yes, with our washer there is a remote_start button in HA. I haven’t figured out how to select a specific program, but it works starting the default program if the washer is on and remote start is activated.

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how did you get that to work??

so i got remote start enabled on the drier itself, the power slider does nothing and i never get to press the start button

EDIT: i figured i have to enable power on the drier and just leave it, in the end it will power down but leave the wifi symbol on

but then how do i trigger at start from an automotion?

EDIT2: the trick with leaving it on does not work, it will after a few hours turn off in such adegree that i cant power it on from HA