Washing machines with good HA integration?

In Home connect integration (and API) (Bosch) you can get the time left, temperature, settings (prewash, extra rinse), door position, locked/unlocked door, what cycle it’s in, a lot really.
The only thing I’m really missing is the detergent level and how much is in the washer. It starts by weighing the load but it doesn’t report it anywhere, that would be nice to know how full the washer was.


This is what my Miele dishwasher reports to HA.

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I would be happy with something simple as being able to switch it on when the electricity rate is at its lowest. I don’t think a smart plug would work, as most dishwashers would require you to set the program or at the very least press a start button.

EDIT: Turns out it may be possible to automate even a dishwasher that requires you to press the start button: https://www.tech-cube.co.uk/2021/10/15/making-dumb-appliances-smarter/

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Just for fun - This is how much power/water my dishwasher uses during a washing cycle.



Most washing machines and dishwashers have the ability to set a delayed start time.

These are the most interesting entities I think.

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My old one broke down earlier this year so I took the plunge with an LG ThinQ series washer dryer. The Home Assistant integration has been flawless, I’ve never had to reload it or reinstall it or anything, it just works.


Thank you @thoughton for that information. Would you mind posting a screenshot of what data you get out and what can be controlled?

Sure, the entities look like this:

Accidentally cut off the bottom of the screenshot :smiley:


I should add I’m using this integration.

Also regarding your comment about your Fibaro plug power limit problem, I have this plugged into a TpLink energy monitoring socket for the whole time, no problems yet. My old dumb washer dryer was plugged into the same socket too.

Very nice! It won’t give you current power, kWh and water consumed?

No it doesn’t detect power usage at all. I have it plugged into a power monitor socket for that. It also doesn’t tell me anything about water consumption. My machine is the catchily named FWV685WSE model. I’ve heard some LG models track power consumption, don’t know about water though.

welke wasmachine is dit?

It’s a dryer from LG RC90V9AV3Q with thinq integration

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Could you please share how you can get energy and water consumption?


I’ve had to re-login in the app or accept revised terms and conditions again to get the component to keep working.

Yeah that happened to me too a few days ago. I’ve had this same issue with a few other apps int he past, Xiaomi for sure and some others I can’t remember now.

Hi - thanks for the info. 1) Can you edit the initial time entity…create a start time schedule? and 2) can you use the remote start entity to turn the machine on?

That sensor just shows when the cycle started, I cannot edit it.

I can do a remote start like this:

service: smartthinq_sensors.wake_up
  device_id: e0474XXXXXXXXXXXXXX2d48a946

service: smartthinq_sensors.remote_start
  device_id: e0474XXXXXXXXXXXXXX2d48a946

‘Remote start’ must be selected when you load the machine for this to work.

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I have a Siemens iQ700 controlled and measured using a smart meter.

In the very rare cases I want to start the washer the smart way (coming home in about 1 hour) there is a simple hack: Fill the washer, start the desired program and after its initialization just power it off using the smart meter.

When you power it remotely or timed it will just go on where it had stopped.

The smart meter and getting the water consumption directly reading the central water meter (see AI-on-the-edge-device on github) is all I need to get usage data and control the device.

Yeah… it’s more smart use of dumb devices. But its KISS, cloudless and cheaper :wink: