LG webOS Smart TV component no longer works

Hi all,

starting from few days ago my media_player.tvsoggiorno (a LG webos TV) no longer works.

Here’s my config in media_player.yaml:

  - platform: webostv
    # host:
    mac: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    name: TV Soggiorno
    filename: webostv.conf
        - livetv
        - youtube
        - netflix
        - xplay
        - plex
        - primevideo

The webos.conf does exist but after after pairing and reboot there’s no media player showing the state.

Can someone please support me?

Did you mean to comment out the host: value?

Do you have it Wi-Fi or hard wired? For mine to work reliably, I wired in the Ethernet jack and set a DHCP Reservation so the TV always got the same IP address.

The way you have the host commented out now, it’s going to discover all Web OS TVs, and can take some time depending on the size of your network.

Here’s the config for my LG. I also highly recommend using a wired connection and setting a reserved IP in your router.

- platform: webostv
  host: !secret basement_tv_ip
  name: Basement TV
  timeout: 5
  filename: .webostv.conf
    service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
      mac: !secret basement_tv_mac


I decommented the host and TA DAAA…here it is!

Thank you ! :slight_smile: