LG webOS Smart TV (webostv platform) - turning on takes 3 or 4 tries

Is anyone else successfully using the webostv platform with an LG TV?
Mine takes 3 or 4 tries before turning on. Turning off is virtually instantaneous and so is immediately turning it back on.

Are you using WOL? Mine is pretty instant.

same for me both mine turn on and off pretty instant

Yes I am using WOL…via WiFi though. Are your TV’s wireless or wired LAN connection?

Mine is wired, as all good TVs should be :slight_smile:

The docs state

Common for webOS 3.0 and higher would be to use WakeOnLan feature. To use this feature your TV should be connected to your network via Ethernet rather than Wireless and you should enable LG Connect Apps feature in Network settings of the TV instructions (or Mobile App in General settings for older models) (*may vary by version).

Yet in the next para it says:

On newer models (2017+), WakeOnLan may need to be enabled in the TV settings by going to Settings > General > Mobile TV On > Turn On Via WiFi

I’ll run a temporary CAT5 to it and see how it behaves. Permanent CAT5 to it much more involved even though it’s only 6 feet from my (wiring) closet…

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That seems to have resolved it. Thanks for the feedback!

Can you share your script/automation to turn on the TV?.

No scripts. No automations. I use Alexa…turn on the tv

The config to turn your TV on is in the docs, https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/webostv/#turn-on-action

Once you have that sorted, the action part of any script or automation can call the media_player.turn_on service like this

service: media_player.turn_on
  entity_id: media_player.lg_webos_smart_tv