LG WebOS TV shows as "Playing" when the TV is really off

When i hit mute on the remote the sound mutes, player pauses en lights are brightened, unmute works the other way around. You’ll need to add an template to the automation so one can check if mute is true or false.

There is an delay of up to 15 sec (i just tested it a couple times) between mute and paused which is very crappy. Hopefully there is an fix for that.

Thanks! I just hoped you found an ultimate solution.

I am experimenting with a noise meter put under or close to the speaker of TV/Home Theater. Whenever the TV is ‘on’ and it detects noise at a certain level from the speaker, the TV is ‘playing’ for sure (unless someone is shouting in the room).

In my case ‘pause’ detection is not necessary, because I never use the remote to pause the content. There is a motion sensor under my couch and if it detects foot motion while the TV is ‘playing’, HA sends a pause command by the media_player service and turns on the lights.

I wonder if anyone more proficient with coding could help out with this. Apparently LG TV’s do send a “power off” message when the TV is switched off manually via a remote. When I was on Hubitat, one of the developers discovered this and modified his websocket driver to fix the behavior. If HA’s WebOS component could implement this, it should just set the TV state to OFF when this message is received, and some logic must be there to prevent an instant state change right after.

Not sure what would happen if someone were to turn the TV off and immediately turn it back on again, there is no “ON” message sent from WebOS afaik. The way the driver worked on Hubitat was to try opening the websocket every 30s or so, and if it was successful, the TV state was set to ON.

This issue should be fixed once 0.104 is released!

I am running the beta now and all seems fine :tada:

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Hi All!

Just reading some of the previous post i want to know if anyone could make this work out.

I want to get the device (i own an LG 55 inch) source (cable, netflix, youtube) and in node red get this string and follow with my automation track with some stuff.

I’ve tried this node in node red with no luck. The state node only tells me “on” and “off”.

Anyone could achive this?.
Thanks a lot !