LG WebOS TV state changes slow or not

Hi there!

I’ve got two LG tv’s, OLED55E97LA and 43UN81006LB

The first one, E9 is for gaming and has no problem’s at all, starts quick and shows state changes immediately, the otherone is a pain in the …

A couple of months ago or say a year ago everything worked fine with changing states and I also linked a couple of lamps with the state change. I haven’t done much all these months with my HA but I picked up the hobby again and trying to get it working…

First I thought the (network) switch was the device caused a lagg or the error but I’ve got a second computer on the same switch and has no problem’s at all.

So this is the situation:

When I hit the LG button in HA the TV turns on immediately, so magic packet works. I made a switch card on the dashboard and that shows after a couple of seconds that the TV is turned on. So that works too, but the media card is showing that the device is OFF but sometimes it shows that the TV is on (Rarely).

That could possible the fault in this situation, I hope its understanble enough, if not let me know!

QuickStart+ is on!