LG webOS TV turns on by itself during midnight after using HA/HomeKit

I’ve managed to configure the LG webOS integration both in HA, and in HomeKit. Using this blueprint the turn on button no longer disappears. But there’s a weirder problem going on…

In HA, I created 3 automations that change the TV Sources + 1 switch that turns on or off the TV. Whenever I use any one of these, after I put my TV to sleep… the following morning (around 4:30AM), the TV turns on by itself. When I do not use them, and turn on the TV using the remote, then put it to sleep… it doesn’t happen.

I tried reconfiguring the HA, reset the TV back to factory settings, changed the remote’s batteries, nothing… every time I use one of the automations or turn on the tv via SIRI (or HA), the next morning, the TV turns on by itself arround that hour (4:00-5:00AM)

For example, yesterday, around 20:00PM I asked Siri to change the TV source to Netflix, after a few hours, I turned off the TV using the remote, and at 5:42AM today, it turned on by itself.

I am using the latest version of HA, but this started happening last 5 versions of HA ago… still no fix, yet.

Any suggestions?

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Same here. It started two days ago, and I haven’t noticed what is actually causing it here. I had to unplug the TV from the wall power last night.