I am looking for ways to integrate my LG WebOS TV functions into HA, but am having some blockages in understanding how the services are accessed, called, fired, what have you… Can anyone point me to a good primer on integrating LG Web OS into your HA setups other than the basic docs (which aren’t super intuitive)? I have the integration set up, connection is fine, they see each other (I’ve never had a problem onboarding the device itself…it’s more of “OK, now what do I DO WITH THAT…?” thing. I am thinking along the lines of "turn TV on & set to (given source…Emby app, the Apple TV running on HDMI #, the cable box running on HDMI #). Should I be setting up a button, helper, script etc.?

Not fully share what you are asking. Ideas for how to use it now it’s integrated?
One of the main things people do I believe is setup automations what happens when you turn the tv on and off. For example dim the lights, close curtains, etc. when your tv is on, and visa versa when off. Perhaps tied to a time of day. I personally made an automation that only does it when specific sources (like Netflix) are selected).

Note that WebOS also has pretty okay notification system build in you can access from HA. If you want to send notifications to the person watching tv you can display messages in a little windows. Pretty much whatever you want.

Maybe more explanation. I’ve done the WebOS integration before manually in config on the older versions of HA, and now that everything in increasingly being onboarded & configured during initial startup, I am at a loss at where to start using the GUI/Lovelace to set up things like buttons for powering on the TV and setting to specific sources. (Lost my chops in “The Old Way”…too green for “The New Way” I guess is what I’m saying…)

aah, I also set it up the “old way”, but only use it for Node Red Automations. It went over quite seamless when it become an integration. Sorry, don’t think I can help :frowning:

Ahhh, then another question: You had it setup manually in config like I did. So when they moved to GUI based integration onboarding, HA just picked it up and there were no conflicts between your manual integration of it and the rediscovery with GUI based integration? I ask because I wonder if I should delete both the manual config, remove from the integration GUI, ie. purge LGWebOS and re-integrate from the GUI from scratch.

Yeah, I had it manual in my configuration and HA picked it up perfectly. I commented it out in my configuration and it continues to work. Before I commented it out the logs mentioned I should remove it.

I think the one thing you will miss if you totally purge it, are your sources. You will need to set them back up with the Interface (comma seperated I believe). Al through I noticed looking at the device, now ALL sources are auto-detected. Also the one I never manually added.

Thanks for the info. I think I’ll nuke the integration and reinstall via the new onboarding.

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