LG webostv hbo go source configuration


I am trying to create a button that launches HBO GO applications on the LG webostv TV.
The buttons that enable Netflix and YouTube work fine.

This is my HBO GO button setup:

type: picture
image: /local/HBO_GO.jpg
  action: call-service
  service: media_player.select_source
    entity_id: media_player.tv
    source: HBO GO
  action: none

And this is the result of checking the status of the TV ( from developer tools ):

  - Netflix
  - YouTube
volume_level: 0.17
is_volume_muted: false
source: HBO GO
sound_output: external_arc
friendly_name: TV
entity_picture: >-
supported_features: 20409
device_class: tv

As you can see in the state of the TV there is no HBO GO on source list. However, when I turn on this application on my TV, it appears in the list, and when I exit this application, it already disappears from this source list.

Can I ask for help, why I am not able to launch HBO GO from the button on the dashboard?
Has anyone had a problem launching HBO GO?

Hard to think you only have two sources on your tv, netflix and YouTube. What is your setup? Did you manually set the source list?

By default mine has

  - AV
  - Al Jazeera
  - Amazon Alexa
  - Amazon Prime Video
  - Apple TV
  - Art Gallery
  - Disney+
  - Freeview On Demand
  - HDMI 1
  - HDMI 2
  - HDMI 3
  - HDMI 4
  - LG Content Store
  - Live TV
  - Music
  - Netflix
  - Photo & Video
  - Sports Alert
  - TV Cast
  - TVNZ OnDemand
  - Tennis TV
  - Twitch
  - Web Browser
  - YouTube

It is actually surprising that I have practically nothing. When I turn on the HBO GO application, it appears on the source list, but when I close it, it disappears from this list.

What is your yaml?

This is my yaml - from developer tools:

  - Netflix
  - YouTube
volume_level: 0
is_volume_muted: false
source: Netflix
sound_output: external_arc
friendly_name: TV
entity_picture: >-
supported_features: 20409
device_class: tv

However, when I enter the HDMI4 source on the TV, for example, it appears in the source list, and when I change the TV to, for example, Netflix applications, HDMI4 disappears from the source list.

Or maybe am I wrong and we are talking about configuration.yaml?

yes sorry I was!

Yeah! So this is my TV configuration.yaml:


    service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
        mac: "20:17:42:C8:41:51"
  name: TV
      - hdmi 2
      - hdmi 4
      - youtube
      - netflix

This hdmi 2 and hdmi 4 doesn’t work.

take out customize: and everything below, and let it discover your sources.

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Thank you! It works! :smiley:

Is this the same process you would use on Android tv devices?