Libratone speaker integration


I just wanted to share that you can add a Libratone speakers as a media player using the dlna_dmr platform.

You just need the IP of the device and then use port 49152 when you set it up.

My configuration.yaml file setup is the following:

  - platform: dlna_dmr
    name: LibratoneZippII

After a restart of Home Assistant the speaker will be visible.

If the speakers are paired, then the “follower” will not have an open port for DLNA.

It seems to be same port for both first gen Zipp Mini and second gen Zipp 2. I therefore suppose it is the same for all Libratone speakers with DLNA support.


Thanks for your post-finally somebody with Libratone speakers!
I did the same for my two Zipp Minis some time ago.

I’m having problems with TTS and services like media_player.play_media - could you please tell me if such things are working for you?

Many thanks!


I tried text to speech when i set it up. I had no problems.

It is some time since you wrote your reply, did you fix it in the mean time?

Yes, TTS is working now-my network configuration (DuckDNS) had errors.
However, I struggle to play local media from Media Browser.
Probably some config error again…

As I understood you run TTS on Libratone.
I’ve got an error when I try to run TTS on Libratone. Do you know what might be a potential problem?