Lidl doorbell problems ZHA

Anyone experience with the lidl zigbee doorbell?

It has a sensor if the back lid is open or not. But when pressing the bell button itself the sensor goes to open again…

The button press event is not triggered.

Do I have an failty unit or do I need to do something in some sort of setting?

Button “press” does not represent status of the physical button.
Can you ring the bell physically and show the history statuses of sensor “las_zone” that is displayed on your screenshot? Just click on it it should show history. Same is visible on the last screenshot - history logs for that device. (Isn’t that the single event that was fired there? That would be the trigger for your automations).
Just ring it and show the output.

Thank you for the reply!

The Single event is from pressing the button indeed.
You are right that eventhough it triggers something else I can still use it as a trigger fir the automation.

But I have checked and it is not an option to use in the automation.
I am not good in coding in yaml yet.
Any idea how to use it as an trigger?

I believe that would be (in the screenshot showed) “deurbel ias_zone closed”.
Alternatively don’t look at trigger type: device, but “event”

No that is the sensor that shows if the doorbell is attached to the wall
it shows the correct trigger in the log but you cant seem to use it as a trigger in any of the automations

Here’s your solution: Lidl doorbell - #33 by olwin