Lidl LED Light Bar (TS0505B) RGB not working

I’m using HA with ZHA on a Raspi 3 with Conbee II usb stick. I just bought three Lidl LED Light Bars (TS0505B). But all of them have the same strange behaviour, that RGB colors are not working properly. I paired the lamps at different places and nearby the Conbee II stick. I paired the lamps 2 or 3 times. But they all have the same behaviour.

Without a problem I can change the color temperatur and brighness.

But when I try to change the color to green, red or any other the LED doesn´t take this color. It stays white in different color temperatur.

But when I selected a color and power off the light and then make the power on again I get all the colors I want. In this state I even can switch to any other color I want. Just the brightness stays on the level as befor the power off and always shows 0 %:

BUT when I try to change the brigthness or color temperatur than again only white LEDs are working and RGB is not working.

Switching off the LED light using Zigbee doesn´t help. If have to switch off the supply voltage to get RGB colors. Are the LED Lights broken or can I fix this behaviour of ZHA and the lights somehow??

I just what to change from a working scene with white light to orange or green light to relax without powering off the lights.

Same problem here. Have you found a solution?

I wrote the customer support. They asked which platform I’m using. So I told them about Home Assistant. But (as expected) they wrote me, that they only guarantee a proper working device if I’m using a LIDL smart home gateway. I also asked about firmware updates for the light. But as they told I only can get updates using the LIDL gateway. So I bought a second hand LIDL gateway for 12 € on Wednesday. My hope is, that a firmware update solves the problem with Home Assistant. I will update the thread, when I have results from the tests with the LIDL gateway.

Ok, thanks

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Using the Lidl Gateway everything is fine. Just there is no firmware update fixing the problem for Home Assistant. So can anybody write a quirk??

Thanks. is the Lidl Gateway Universal and also working with other Zigbee devices such as Philips Hue or Muller light Smart switch(TINT) ?