Lidl ledstrip HG06104A effects don't work

Hi, just bought me some Silvercrest Ledstrips HG06104A from Lidl.
installation with Z2Mqtt was ok but i am not able to use the effects. All of them, while selecting, just blink once.
Anybody an idea what i can do to solve this or are these ledstrips just not compatible to HA to perform all that is advertised. changing colors works ok.

Hi, I am in the same situation. I paired them also with Z2M… and setting colors works. But setting color temperature doesn’t work.

Each LED Block consists of 3 LEDs… two white ones and a color one. For me only the bright-white and color LEDs ever turn on.

When setting the color to maximum warm the warm-white LED should be on max and the rest off. So in my case the whole strip is off. Is the behavior the same for you? Or do I have a faulty one?

Hi Tobias
I don’t have that problem. I can go from cool white to warm white and indeed, then it changes from 1 led to another (2 out of three).
So maybe yours is malfunctioning.

But my (ours :slight_smile: ) first question remains…
How can we use the VCC function in HA to run the predesigned programs.