Lidl Melinera Christmas String (HG06467 - LIDL Livarno Lux)

You mean the effect selector dropdown in HA? No as said before it only lists colorloop and that one is not supported by the device itself.

At least that means the check for supporting effects work. But not the model id check.

I just verified the expected outcome by modifying the code so all devices reported support for all those LIDL Christmas light effects. A complete list of supported effects was provided as expected.

Can you enable debug logging per integration documentation instructions and share those?

So maybe I should exclude the colorloop from the TS0601?

If I search TS0601 at blakadders db I get a lot of devices… _TZE200_s8gkrkxk lists only the Xmas strip.

I will try my best tomorrow (its nearly midnight here)
Which debugger components namespaces do I need to enable?
Its my production HA so it will be a bunch of data.
Should I do a REST PUT to deconz too?

If you set the default logging to warning and then the deconz parts to debug there will not be much noise from other integrations. Set the logging config and reload the integration and you will have all relevant data in the logs.

First step to fix identification Improve LIDL christmas light detection in deCONZ by Kane610 · Pull Request #105155 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

It works now :tada: :christmas_tree:


Thanks for the feedback