Lidl Melinera Christmas String (HG06467 - LIDL Livarno Lux)

I bought today this nice Lidl Melinera Christmas String with Zigbee. I am using DECONZ. Genrally all fine, except setting uup effects.

Those effects are avaible: “steady”,“snow”,“rainbow”,“snake”,“twinkle”,“firework”,“horizontal_flag”,“waves”,“updown”,“vintage”,“fading”,“collide”,“strobe”,“sparkles”,“carnaval”,“glow”.

I can set them via REST-API:

curl -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -X PUT -d ‘{“effect”:“sparkles”}’

with success


curl -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -X PUT -d ‘{“effect”:“snow”,“speed”:100,“colors”:[{“r”:164,“g”:168,“b”:50},{“r”:168,“g”:50,“b”:153},{“r”:102,“g”:50,“b”:168},{“r”:50,“g”:155,“b”:168},{“r”:50,“g”:168,“b”:72},{“r”:168,“g”:88,“b”:50}]}’

with error and success

On GUI of Hassio for effect only “colorloop” is shown.

Please integrate a feature to overwrite standrad effect “colorloop”.


Thanks for the information your post provides. I created a override for my melinera christmas string the following way:

        - steady
        - snow
        - rainbow
        - snake
        - twinkle
        - firework
        - horizontal_flag
        - waves
        - updown
        - vintage
        - fading
        - collide
        - strobe
        - sparkles
        - carnaval
        - glow

it’s showing up fine in web ui, but does not work. Will try with your api call… What api endpoint you are sending the calls to? phoscon or homeassistant?

I send them via HA bash to DECONZ-Rest-Api.

Seems that something was done:

Yes, Im gonna try add them so they’re usable in home assistant as well. In good time before Christmas :slight_smile:

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@Robban @JayTee75
How did you solve it? I just put up the tree with the lights, used the customization.yaml The effects are shown but the light is not responding. Only normal colors are working.

I am using it with deconz. REST Api is working

I just tried it today too with customization.yaml. No success. Any ideas?

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Maybe next year… :frowning:

Hi Robban, it’s working for you. Xmas is coming :wink: So can you give a hint to use it?

I don’t have the Xmas lights myself. I will have to add explicit support in the integration for the effects. Right now it’s only supported din the library

ahh, I see. Thanks for the infomation. Do you will integrate it before december?


PR is up to support this, I hope it will be part of 2023.11 release.

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@Robban Thanks for the good news :slight_smile:

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@Robban Was this tested with actual hardware?

I have the HA deconz addon 6.22.0 and HA 2023.12.0b1 but colorloop is still the only effect the selector presents me.

No. I go on data I scrape together. There are way too many devices supported by deconz.

I expand thw effects list on the device model “TS0601”

OK understandable. Can I help debugging it?

Yes can you start by validating the device model?

It will help with creating an issue on home assistant github

Ok - mfg id is _TZE200_s8gkrkxk and model id is TS0601
The Phoscon webinterface lists it as LIDL Livarno Lux HG06467

The issue should be opened at the core repo right?

edit: I verified that the effects are triggerarble by REST

Yes that’s correct

Do you see the other effects populated for the light?