Life360 alternative for 2020

Anyone got any 2020 recommendations for a GPS based tracker that doesn’t drain the battery massively, is reliable etc etc?

I (very briefly) tried owntracks but found it nowhere near as reliable as life360 but life360 currently has an extremely annoying bug which is causing havoc at my gaff!

I already use a combination of bluetooth tag+monitor and life360 to determine presence.


I would prefer better life 360 alternatives.

What did you end up using?
I am currently testing the location sensor (device_tracker) of the Android Companion App. High accuracy mode can be activated when connected to certain Bluetooth devices, or when approaching a home assistant defined zone. I am still testing accuracy and battery usage, but have no experience with other solutions, like Life360, Own tracks, or Google Location Sharing, their update rate, accuracy and battery usage.

I went for icloud3- the gary Cobb integration. It’s good, but has flaws of its own of course. Nothing’s perfect but this is pretty much as good as it can get I think as things stand.
I use this in combination with Bluetooth itag trackers. Either method, alone, would not be accurate or quick enough.