Life360 integration issue

I have successfully added my life360 account to HA using the integration but even after that there is no new device_tracker entity created. Why is this so?

Hard to say without some more information.

What version of HA are you using?

Is this the first time you’ve used Life360 in HA? If not, how did you add it (UI vs config files) and what version of HA were you using?

From the device logged into the Life360 app with the same account as you used in HA, do you see a Circle or Circles, and can you see other Life360 Members from the app?

Do you see any life360 related errors in the log? If so, please share.

The life360 integration is fully functional in version 2022.6.7, got it running for a long time now.
Yesterday I upgraded to version 2022.7.3 and suddenly the Life360 integration doensnt work anymore.

Reverted back to 2022.6.7 and Life360 works again.

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Actually I have seen a similar issue in the life60 github page. I have already commented on that. I have total 3 users added to life360 integration in the latest HA.

One of them was not working from update. I deleted the user and also removed the known devices yaml conifg for the device. Then again added the user but no new device tracker entity is being created.

Please read the breaking change notes for Life360 in the HA 2022.7 release notes.

Due to the way the device tracker legacy code works the new Life360 implementation in 2022.7 results in entities with new entity IDs. They are there and functional; there was just no way to avoid the entity ID change. The release notes provide a simple procedure to follow that will remove the old, non-functional entities so that you can change the new, functional entities to use the same IDs that you were using before so anything in your system that was referencing them will see the new entities and everything should work as before.

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What exactly are you referring to? Can you provide a link so I could check it out? Or are you referring to Issue #74812? If so, I’ve already replied to you, but you haven’t answered my questions.

Can you be a little more explicit about what you mean by “3 users added to life360 integration”? Do you mean you have added the life360 integration three times, each with a different username/password? Or do you mean the one integration results in three entities (one for each user)?

What do you mean by “not working from update”? Do you mean since upgrading to 2022.7 one of the life360 entities doesn’t update anymore, or there is no entity for that user? Or there is an entity but its status is unavailable? Or???

Do you mean you deleted the life360 integration, or the non-updating entity whose state is unavailable (and was probably shown as “restored” on the Entities page)?

The Life360 integration is not a legacy device tracker since 2022.7 so it does not cause entries to be added to known_devices.yaml anymore. If you had any life360-related entries in that file you should have deleted them per the breaking changes notes for Life360 in the HA 2022.7 release notes.

Exactly how did you “add the user”? There is no way to add a Life360 entity directly. You can only add an integration (i.e., a Life360 account.) Then the integration will create the entities, aka users, aka Life360 Members. So it’s not clear to me what you mean by “adding a user”.

completly missed that breaking change and how to fix it!

Thanks for pointing it out to us!

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I didn’t see the breaking changes section for life360.Thanks for the update. It is working now without any issues.

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So I found this thread. Trying to add the integration of life 360. But I cant find any attached entities?

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So, you went to the Integrations page and added the Life360 integration, providing a Life360 username & password. Is that correct? Did you get any errors during that process, or did it indicate the integration was added successfully?

When you say, “I can’t find any attached entities”, do you mean you don’t see any entities on the Entities page listed as being from the Life360 integration (and with an entity ID that starts with “device_tracker.”)?

Do you see any warnings or errors in the log?

Does the Life360 integration shown on the Integrations page have a link to some number of entities?

I messed up. Ignore it. Thanks for reply. I got it.

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