Life360 issues that recently came up

We have 5 cell phone on life360. work great for presence detection. The device tracker are all assigned to people. The account is under my name but all 5 phone are in the same circle. It is the only circle i have configured. With the recent update to .111 I noticed that after every reboot , my device tracker shows the wrong location. The location apears to be the last location I was at BEFORE arriving home. When I go to the life360 app I see that I am home and suddenly the device tracker resets. This only happens with my user/device and not the others. I have checked to make sure ALWAYS is set on the iphone location settings.

Any ideas.

I have pretty much the same setup, although my phone is Android. I’m also on 0.111. I have not noticed this behavior, and my system has gone through many restarts recently as well (for various unrelated reasons such as development, testing, updating, etc.)

You say you’re using the person integration on top of the life360 device trackers. When you say the location is wrong, is it the device tracker, or the person, or both?

About the only thing I can suggest at this point is to enable debug for life360 and then when it happens take a look in home-assistant.log for clues. I’m happy to help interpret the log.

  default: info
    homeassistant.components.life360: debug

You made a excellent point. I think I found the issue my person was tied to several device tracker. Ipad, Old Iphone, and the HA app. I think it was just getting confused.