Life360 Live Map using HA Companion App?

Hi All,

I’ve searched the forums and reddit but haven’t found much on this topic.

With the Companion App installed on my families phones and knowing what data it has. Is it possible to create something like the default life360 view? Where if someone is driving or walking on the map I can see them moving and they speed they are traveling at? Attached image shows what I’m talking about.

With a few extra steps I think it would be also easy to add ETA to either a zone or a person using the Google Maps Direction API, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get a live map with speed working in lovelace.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much!

I have nothing to add to this other than will be watching this with a keen eye.
I’m trying to separate my family’s from the leeching 360 and my biggest obstacle from the fam is it does not look as friendly as 360.

This might be useful. Only notices recently and didn’t actually tested it

Actually “see them moving and they speed they are traveling at” is probably out of scope of a home automation system…

Thanks for the suggestion @koying.

I can’t seem to find anything that does what I want. I’m going to build a custom lovelace card that is somewhat similar to life360. I’ll post it on here when I have it working.