Life360 no longer shows battery level

Hey all. Just did a major update and change of hardware etc. Previous to this I was using life360 as one of my trackers. I have held off doing upgrades for a while as I had a working system.

Anyway the old RPI was getting a bit slow so I upgraded and also updated everything. I get the position of the people in my circle but I dont seem to be able to get the battery level. Has anyone else noticed the change?

If you are referencing the “battery” attribute of the old entity then it has changed to “battery_level” now after the update.

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@finity is correct. This is mentioned in the breaking change section of the 2022.7 release notes.

Thanks heaps. I stopped looking at the updates a while ago as I had a fairly stable system and was planning to upgrade the whole system and hardware. Didnt want to get excited about something :slight_smile:

will go and check it out. Thanks