Life360 - Not Showing 1st Person in HA Map

I’ve went ahead and setup Life360, added it into HA successfully.

It shows both my wife and myself as a circle on the home assistant page. The stats/information updates properly for home/work without any issues.

That being said when I look at the location map, it only shows my wife but does not show me.

I can’t figure out how to ‘reset’ it so it shows my updates on the location map within HA.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

are you ‘home’. Anyone in the home zone will not be shown.

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Good to know. I feel dumb. Sorry about a silly question. Thank you for a quick answer!

Hi both i have the same problem but i dont have anyone shown on the map whether any of us are home or away? Any ideas?

Do you have acGPS tracker setup that tracks your location when you are not home?

No, i assumed the Life360 component would take care of this as my location is shown on the UI if i click on a “person”

I’m having a similar issue here. Both my wife and I show as “Away” on the dashboard, but do not appear on the map. Funny thing is, it worked yesterday, but restarted Home Assistant after updating it today and now it only show my Home on the map.

Does it show both your devices in the known_devices.yaml file? Also when you boot up does it give any error or are there any errors in the logs for life360?

Checked it last night and still no map locations, but it looks like a good nights rest did it some good and everything is reporting as it should.