Life360 shows away all the time

Hi All. Need some help with Life360. I have installed this as per instructions found on DZzs website “Customer Updater” Basically created a new folder called custom_components and inside this created another folder called custom_updater. Then copied the files as per instruction and services.yaml into this new folder. Added custom_updater: to my configuration.yaml file and restarted HA. Then as per instruction using the services tab entered (1st field) custom_updater_install, then in the box below {“element”:“device_tracker.life360”} then called service. In my configuration.yaml file entered device_tracker:- platform: life360 etc as per DZzs video. On the HA GUI clicked on the yellow plus icon and picked my life360 entity. Restarted HA and I can see my card but it always says I.m away when I,m not. Any help here is appreciated. As you can tell I,m a cut and paste type of guy

Ignore all that and just install it per the standard integration which has been available since v95.

remove all traces of the custom component version then go to “configuration->integrations” then click the plus sign in the bottom right corner and then click on life360.

Then you may need to add additional config options into your configuration.yaml.

here are the (very well written) docs:

Thanks, I will remove all and go back to basics. See how it goes

Sorry but done as instructed but still shows i,m away. any ideas

without seeing any of your config I’m not really sure.

May @pnbruckner will pop in and help or you can go to the main (really long) life360 thread and ask there.

I’m sure there will be a request in either case for your config and/or some debug logs. So be ready with those.

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Look on the map on the frontend. Are you shown in the correct place? Is your home shown in the correct place? Also enable debug in the logger and look in home-assistant.log. It will tell you what life360 is doing.

Thank you finity for passing this message onto Phil. I have done as finity asked by removing all custom componenets, life360 etc. and started afresh. Updated Hassio to latest update 96.4 I think. Went into Configurations - Integrations - Life360 and entered my email followed by password. Then went back to overview and created a new entity card showing my presence. In the configuration.yaml file entered

    username: [email protected]
    password: mypassword
  prefix: life360

Also I have known devices.yaml file which appears to be ok.
On the map I,m shown at home in the correct place and home is in the correct place.
Looked in the home-assistant.log file and no mention of warnings for life360.
But still shown as away.
I would like to post my log but its very long and I don`t know how to format it properly

in your configuration.yaml file find the logger: component and make it look similar to the following:

  default: error #The default level & above to be logged
    homeassistant.components.life360: debug

the important bit is the last line. it will keep everything else to whatever the usual default was but elevate the life360 component to debug. That should narrow things down an make it easier to pick out what you need

Thanks finity, that narrow the log down, but all appears fine, doesn`t it?

> 2019-07-27 17:52:39 DEBUG (SyncWorker_9) [homeassistant.components.life360.device_tracker] Family Circle: will be included, id=a128ecb2-8972-4d34-b56a-8da32e6ee278
> 2019-07-27 17:52:39 DEBUG (SyncWorker_9) [homeassistant.components.life360.device_tracker] Circle's Places:
> - name: Home
>   latitude: 51.758789
>   longitude: 0.118800
>   radius: 304.8
> 2019-07-27 17:52:40 DEBUG (SyncWorker_9) [homeassistant.components.life360.device_tracker] Iain -> life360_iain: will be tracked, id=e61685db-0d77-42e6-a718-ea9534ad2e3c
> 2019-07-27 17:52:40 DEBUG (SyncWorker_9) [homeassistant.components.life360.device_tracker] Updating life360_iain
> 2019-07-27 17:52:40 DEBUG (SyncWorker_9) [homeassistant.components.life360.device_tracker] Sharon -> life360_sharon: will be tracked, id=97101ed9-4182-4a82-ae6d-6ca333e3a6bc
> 2019-07-27 17:52:40 DEBUG (SyncWorker_9) [homeassistant.components.life360.device_tracker] Updating life360_sharon
> 2019-07-27 17:55:02 DEBUG (SyncWorker_19) [homeassistant.components.life360.device_tracker] Updating life360_sharon; Time since last update: 0:11:08
> 2019-07-27 17:56:46 DEBUG (SyncWorker_0) [homeassistant.components.life360.device_tracker] Updating life360_iain; Time since last update: 0:13:10
> 2019-07-27 18:07:47 DEBUG (SyncWorker_11) [homeassistant.components.life360.device_tracker] Updating life360_iain; Time since last update: 0:11:03

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Just got back from vacation. :slight_smile:

It does look like life360 is getting updates. So that’s good.

Which map are you referring to? Of interest here is the map in the HA frontend. There should be a circle around both home and your tracker. When you’re home, do those circles overlap?

From the log snippet it shows where your home is located in Life360. Is this the correct location (as seen in the Life360 app and/or web interface)? In HA, if you look at the States page, what does it show for zone.home? Does it have approximately the same latitude & longitude as Life360?

Sorry Phil, but also been away, over here we call it a holiday. Anyway you are correct about the map, in HA frontend there is map and that shows the correct location for home. At the moment the wife is out shopping and from the map in HA front end it does show that she is away, also have checked the states file and took a capture. I,m thinking of starting a brand new installation of HA as atest bed and see if that does the same, bit drastic I know but I cant fiqure this out for the life of me. As you mentioned in the states field it does show me as Not Home, which isnt right?

Hi Phil and finity.
Just a quick update, I believe I have finally got it working. After all your suggestions, (you probably have mentioned it but I didn`t know where to look) I found that my lat and log co-ords in my configuration file were incorrect, changed them and hey presto I,m home. Was getting worried where I,ve been (Ha-Ha). Once again thanks for helping me, without your help I,m would have given up. Big thumbs up from me

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Walking the line between highjacking old thread and searching the forums, but here goes…

I came across this as well as some documentation and have the integration setup appropriately I believe.
I too am seeing that it shows me ‘away’ all the time.

I will add or subtract to these values by the same factor to avoid giving away my actual location, but here’s what I am seeing…

Home Assistant configuration.yaml:

  latitude: 20.0932963
  longitude: -60.4860732

And my detected location from the HA Sensor:

latitude 20.093335788252
longitude -60.483883617397

Is that not within the default threshold to be considered to be in the same place?

Depends on the gps_accuracy reported for the device_tracker. Also, the default radius for is 100m. What does it show on the map? Do the circles for the device_tracker and overlap?

Thank you for the reply.
The circles definitely do not overlap. I didn’t even think to check the map.
The blue (Life360) circle is smaller, and in what I would consider to be the more correct location.
The orange (Home Icon) circle is larger, and in my opinion too far to the west.
Is it the numbers in the configuration.yaml that I need to adjust to move the orange circle?

Depends on how you defined zone.home. There’s more than one way. See Home zone.