Life360 "Walking" addition

I noticed that my Life360 app updated and in addition to the “driving” notice for people, it also now displays “walking.” I wonder if this is exposed and can be included in the integration.

I have also noticed a “walking” status in the app, too.

There do seem to be some more fields in the data returned for each user that I don’t recall existing in the server response previously. However, it’s not clear where the information you request is in the response. I can try monitoring it for a while to see how “walking” is indicated, if at all, in the response.

I suppose they could be doing it app-side somehow. If speed > 2 and < 5 the person is walking. Or something.

I monitored the data from the server while I was out for a walk, and the Life360 app definitely showed me as walking, but there was nothing in the data to indicate this. So, the only way I’d know how to indicate walking in the HA life360 integration is, as you suggested, by checking the speed. Not sure it’s worth it.