LifeSmart Integration

Hi there, has anybody found a way to integrate with a custom or add-on installation for the LifeSmart ecosystem? There are cameras, thermostats, humidity sensors, CO2 sensors all connecting to a bridge. It would be great if there was an API or a way of integrating these IoT devices into Home Assisant.

A lot of the LifeSmart products look to be HomeKit compatible, maybe try the HomeKit Integration to see if they will show up?

Integrations - Home Assistant (

Just because the names are similar just in case it’s SmartLife, these devices can be added in via the Tuya Integration. ( Tuya - Home Assistant (


Yeah, I’ve tried looking at the different integrations - this is specific to LifeSmart which doesn’t seem to work with the other integrations like SmartLife or Tuya - I’ll keep investigating.

I’m also interested in their products, especially their wall switches which are battery powered (but wired to your lights). However, I found they are working through their own proprietary CoSS protocol which is 433mhz based, not Zigbee/zwave. That obviously won’t get them much support in the diy community.

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You could always get a Sonoff RF which is a 433Mhz RF receiver. You may get lucky on scanning and find you will then be able to utilise them within Home Assistant.

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I came here looking in Google for a LifeSmart integration, and the HomeKit approach suggested above was dead on! I have a LifeSmart station (their proprietary hub) and several sensors and switches.

The way to get it working was:

  1. Procure a temporary HomeKit hub. For this is used an old iPhone I had lying around.
  2. Connect the hub (iPhone) to the same network as the LifeSmart station (they should be able to see each others IPs).
  3. Open on the iPhone, pair the LifeSmart station (using the pair code in the sticker under it).
  4. Remove the LifeSmart station from the (went into an accessory, hit on Bridge, then Remove) THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT since HomeAssistant will not be able to pair the station if it’s still paired to the iPhone, but you need to pair it once to leave it in “pairing mode” otherwise it doesn’t show up in HomeAssistant.
  5. Go to Devices & Integrations and you should see the LifeSmart station ready to be paired (you’ll need to enter the pairing code again through the HA interface).
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you can find Lifesmart integration here
GitHub - ALITECHLAB/lifesmart-home-assistant

How to install Lifesmart integration Home Assistant - YouTube

@ALITECHLAB Very nice that you created a LifeSmart integration!!

I have followed your video but I have problem with the script. It is problem with authentication. I printed to response and it says {"message":"failed to login: wrong_password:7522284","code":"error"}. But the password is correct. I also tested changed the password. There is no problem login in to lifesmart website.
Any idea what to do?

Ok so I managed to get the script to work to receive the usertoken and userid.
I have set it up in HA config, but a get an error.

2023-09-07 09:25:54.901 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Error during setup of component lifesmart
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/", line 288, in _async_setup_component
result = await task
File "/config/custom_components/lifesmart/", line 522, in async_setup
for dev in devices:
TypeError: 'bool' object is not iterable

I printed the response from asycn_lifesmart_EpGetAll, and its says

2023-09-07 09:25:54.901 INFO (MainThread) [custom_components.lifesmart] {'status': 'failure', 'message': 'sign error', 'code': 10004, 'id': 1}