Liftmaster Gate Automation

I’m posting here to try and gauge demand for something new. I have two Liftmaster automated gates on my property and since there is no automation possible through MYQ I have developed a solution.

I have designed and built a custom PCB that connects to a Liftmaster gate operator. The board is controlled by an ESP32 and presents itself to HA through ESPHome. It allows you to open & close the gate and has sensors to tell you when the the gate is opened or closed. This gives you everything needed to completely automate & control your gate. It is all local to your network and HA – no calls to a 3rd party mothership. Think of this board as the equivalent of the ratgdo but for gates instead of garage doors. If i were to bring this to market I’d also provide the option for a Homekit version of the firmware – again just like the ratgdo.

So I’m wondering if such a product were available for purchase what the response might be?

How does it connect?

Ratgo biggest benefit was simple 4 wire connection that gives huge amount of control and data. Pretty sure its usable for same space you are looking to provide for

Under $30USD I would immediately buy for open/close/basic position out of curiosity.

If it had POE and gave same data as Ratgdo I’d do 70. I don’t have WiFi at the gate and many of the people I know don’t have WiFi there. WiFi bridge or ethernet so must be at least Ethernet capable. I’m OK with the little POE breakout to Ethernet and 12vdc

Really anyone can build these things. Everyone used to.

it connects with wires just like the ratgdo. it would cost way more than $30. the parts & pcb are close to $30. it’s a lot more complicated that the simple ratgdo board. the board is powered off the accessory power from the gate operator. an ethernet enabled board would cost a lot more and i don’t even know if esphome supports ethernet.

no, not everyone. may be you can and i can, but not everyone. most people have no idea how to build a custom pcb or know how a transistor or relay works.

Yes it does. Ethernet Component — ESPHome

No criticism intended. I was just reflecting that this community has become less DIY over the years.

At one time it would be an esp8266 connected to mqtt and housed in a 3d printed case and a bit of silicon or hot glue. Now everyone wants a finished product.