Lifx Beam - not being discovered by Home Assistant

Quick question - does any one else have a Lifx Beam working in Home Assistant?

My other Lifx lights are auto-discovered and work without a problem, but my Beam does not appear (it works fine through the native app, and I have it on a static IP as with my other lights)

Potential follow up question - there is some documentation for manually configuring the lights

Has anyone else used this? I’m not sure what the server or broadcast IP addresses should be? Which one should be the IP address of the light?


I have no experience with Beam (or Tile).

About your last question, manual configuration should rarely be needed and listing individual bulbs is not supported.

If Home Assistant fails to detect your bulbs, the server IP address is the address of Home Assistant and broadcast is the broadcast IP (usually the same address but with 255 at the end).

Thanks for the info. Very useful.
I’ll give the manual config a try.

Do you know does the IP address need to be in quotes? HA gives a set up error if I just put for example;


That seems correct, which error do you get?

The error that gets generated is about the next code block in my config - so I assumed that it was not properly encapsulating the IP address and it was bleeding into the next code block.
(if that makes sense)
The error is about my RFXtrx433E;
2018-11-27 09:40:19 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Error during setup of component rfxtrx

But only occurs when I have the Lifx server stuff in it.

@tlf Did you ever figure this out? I’m thinking about getting a Beam kit but not if it won’t work with Home Assistant.

@astone Not yet. There was a Lifx firmware update that came out yesterday. I’ll try and update that and HA and see if there’s any improvement and report back.

@astone hey mate, so I’ve updated HA, using latest Lifx Firmware, and still my Beam does not appear in HA.
So I don’t really know where to go from here. You don’t even need any Lifx configuration in your configuration.yaml anymore. My only guess is that however the Beam announces itself on the network hasn’t been added to the Lifx HA module?

OK so digging a little deeper the Lifx component in HA uses the aiolifx library to do it’s scan for bulbs.
It looks like aiolifx supports the Beam, so unless HA is using an old version, or more likely it’s something else completely that’s beyond me…

From available documentation, I think LIFX Beam should act like LIFX Z which is tested in HA. However, the aiolifx library and thus HA has not actually been verified with LIFX Beam (or LIFX Tile).

(I am the current HA maintainer)

Thanks for your input @amelchio!
It would be good if anyone else stumbles on this thread that has the Beam to comment whether they have it working or not (so I know if it’s me or everyone).

For anyone else who stumbles upon this.

HA release 0.87 fixed this issue for me today, my Beam is now discovered successfully and can be controlled.

Happy days :slight_smile: