LIFX BR30 Color 1000 not found by Home Assistant

configuration.yaml contains:


  • platform: lifx

Home Assistant doesn’t find the device at

Any suggestions?

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Same issue here. However, I’m using Raspberry Pi on HASSbian. It was working fine using Python on a Windows machine. My configuration file looks like this:

platform: lifx

My LIFX bulbs are not found. Any ideas? Is the LIFX component broken?



Working fine for me. Is there anything shown in the log about LIFX not working?

What HASS version?

Here’s my LIFX configuration that is working with the Raspberry Pi All-in-One installer with 0.32.2 (newest version).

Thanks for your reply! I ran the entire install process all over again following the Pi Image install (HASSbian) to the T. I did nothing different from what the install instructions indicate and reconfirmed with Bruh’s video. I, then, created my yaml file and… BOOM! It’s working now. I don’t have a clue what happened on my first install, but I did nothing different from the last one.

So far, I have it working to control Wemo switches, LIFX bulbs, and the Nest thermostat. I don’t really need HA to do anything more (for now…).


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Turns out the BR30 had dropped off my network (don’t know why). LIFX working now.

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