LIFX broken in 2022.6?

I’ve updated to the latest version of HA, but a few of my LIFX bulbs are going offline according to HA, however they’re still controllable via the LIFX app.

I’ve since updated all firmware on the LIFX as well as all my network gear, but some bulbs are always offline (yet still controllable via the LIFX app)

Anyone have similar issues, or have any ideas on what I can do to remedy this?

My 40+ Lifx bulbs are all still available. I occasionally see one or two slow to initialise after a restart but by the time I’ve navigated from the logs to the device page they’re up and working. That has been going on a lot longer than 2022.6.

40+ thats a lot of bulbs : )

I underestimated:

Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 23-42-43 Settings – Home Assistant

I also wish I had gone with more smart switches and less smart bulbs. Live and learn.

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There is an issue with this release and it is being fixed.

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Weird. I’ve seen both those errors but my lights are still all eventually discovered after a restart. Mind you, I’m not turning them off like the person who opened that issue.

Luckily I only have 3 LIFX bulbs. 2 of them are affected.

I guess the guy/gal with the most smart bulbs wins : )

Yes - I thought it was supposed to be fixed in 2022.6.1, but still happening to me.

I dont see anything in the release notes on it. Think its still in the queue.

I’ve just updated to 2022.6.3, i’ll keep you updated.

There is no merged PR listed in the issue. No fix has been applied yet.

Which Looks like it was in 202.5.5, but if so didn’t fix it.

Is the next attempt.

Meanwhile if you search there is a temporary custom component to fix it supposedly:

That’s the solution for another issue. This one:

This one has no PR associated with it yet:

Wow - you must have hated power failures in the middle of the night before LIFX released the power restore settings.

That explains why it didn’t fix it. :grinning:

I had an automation to fix that.

Revert #70458 and allow duplicate LIFX discoveries by Djelibeybi · Pull Request #72213 · home-assistant/core · GitHub fixes the problem. I just can’t convince the maintainers to merge it.

As mentoined, you can install my LIFX Beta from GitHub - Djelibeybi/ha-lifx-beta: Beta version of the built-in LIFX integration for Home Assistant aimed at making bulb detection more consistent. which includes the fix and HEV support for LIFX Clean devices

I see this was merged a few days after you posted this - any idea when it will make it into prod? 2022.7 maybe?

Yeah Avi said it will be in the next release. Beta release is out this Wednesday if you feel like testing it (I will be).

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