Lifx bulb integration not working

I feel like I’ve really gone down a rabbit hole here.

Ubiquiti setup
WAPs: U6-LRs

  • Lifx lights connected to a 2.4GHz only wireless network
  • Lifx lights all have static IPs via DHCP reservations
  • multicast enhancement turned on for wireless network

Router: UDM-Pro

  • Lifx lights on subnet
  • Home Assistant on subnet
  • Home Assistant IP
  • Firewall rules block the VLANs from communicating by default
  • Firewall rule allows Home Assistant to reach all of the Lifx subnet
  • Firewall rule allows all of the Lifx subnet to reach Home Assistant

I can see the lights in the Lifx app no problem, even when my phone is connected to a different local subnet ( with firewall rule to allow subnet to reach all of the Lifx subnet).

When I open Home Assistant, all 3 lights show up as discovered devices, but they show up as “HomeKit Controller” devices. When I click on one to configure it, I get “Please wait, starting configuration wizard for integration” where it just sits here and spins. Eventually, I get “Config flow could not be loaded: Unknown error.”

After googling problems with integrating Lifx lights, I discovered that I may need to specify

- broadcast: 192.168.30.X

for each of my lights in the configuration.yaml file, due to me having these lights on a different subnet than Home Assistant. I remembered that I actually had to do this a couple of years ago when I first tried out Home Assistant and this is what got it working. That was a long time ago with basically a completely different environment. But this didn’t produce any different behavior or results this time.


  1. Are these lights supposed to be showing up as “HomeKit Controller” devices?
  2. Is it possible that this is a Home Assistant issue and not a network/device issue?

The weird thing is that the devices absolutely do show up, even at first boot of a fresh Home Assistant install. But once again they show up as HomeKit devices, which is weird to me, and I can’t configure them. It just times out.