LIFX Bulbs how to rename

Hi everyone,

I have this odd issue with one of my four LIFX bulbs. First up everything worked perfect, until I discovered that my scenes was not loading correct, looking in the HA log I found that it was one of the LIFX bulbs which HA had issue with, the name contains two underscore and part of the initial name, which could look like hex. Anyway i commented out this LIFX bulbs from ‘scene.yaml’ and the errors was gone, and the rest of the scenes was loaded perfect too…

Now to my issue:
I had already renamed the LIFX bulb in the LIFX app and restarted the bulb several times. In a effort of trying to rename the bulb, I tried reseting it completely, however once it returns back into HA, it gets it’s initial name, with this odd hex.

So does any of you know how to rename a LIFX bulb in HA, or force the name from the LIFX App through HA?

LIFX bulb in HA (now, which causes the issue with the scenes.yaml)

Name of the LIFX bulb in LIFX iOS App

I might add that all the other four LIFX apps gets the “correct” name also used in the LIFX iOS App and LIFX Cloud, so I don’t know why this LIFX bulbs won’t get renamed. I have tried renaming it anything, but in HA it keeps this odd name.

Hope some of you have a trick or some suggestions, as I would every much like to use this bulbs in scenes :slight_smile:

check in the entity registry? Or use customize? Or change the entity name in the scene?

Thanks @DavidFW1960 :sunglasses::ok_hand:

It had completely passed me that HA had this feature, this entity registry…

So this what solved my issue - by updating the <config>/entity_registry.yaml.


   platform: lifx
   unique_id: xx:7x:d5:32:d2:6d


   platform: lifx
   unique_id: xx:7x:d5:32:d2:6d

For others see

Just for reference, and to avoid faffing about like I did, this method is now out of date. Now with Lovelace, you can firstly either (1) show the light on a card with it’s current entity id (eg. light.lifx_light_32d26d) or (2) go into Configuration > Integrations > Lifx. Then click on the light to show the history, and then you can click on the gear icon at the top right of the dialog. From there you can change the name and entity id. If you did option (1), you will have to then rename the entity to the new one on the Lovelace card.