LIFX- Cant find light bulbs

For what ever reason HA LIFX integration do not show any lightbulbs on my network and just says “Aborted” “No LIFX devices found on the network”. The light bulbs are on a different wifi network that connects to an AP that is not my my router but they they are all on one subnet. There is no firewall in place, I have tried adding the server IP and broadcast IP to the configuration.yaml based on this and still nothing shows up in devices. I am running a VM of HA that I downloaded this morning version 4.13 and ran updates.

I have updated to the latest version and even put in the IP of the light bulb manually in the broadcast address for settings. I saw that it seems like pihole dhcp could have issues but I switched back to my router doing it and it still does not work. Any help would be great on this.