LIFX Cloud Configuration

Hi everyone, I got a question for anybody that has used the LIFX cloud in their automations.

I followed the docs and my strip is showing in the front end. But I can’t figure our how to set services for it. If anybody would shard how they did it I would appreciate it!

I do want to mention that the LIFX strips are awesome, Phillips Hue better take note, I know personally I won’t buy and hue strips from this point forward simply because of all the options available and the no hub option not to mention the HomeKit support out of the box!!

Thanks for any information you can provide!

I appreciate each and everyone of you for making this the best platform available!

Nobody uses the LIFX cloud in their automations?

What do you want to do?

I would love to set scripts for scenes that are saved in the cloud. I use homekit so I can’t send multi colored scenes directly. the docs mention that you can access the cloud scenes but don’t really explain how.

Sorry for the late reply, crazy at work this week.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The LIFX Cloud platform registers scenes that you can activate with scene.turn_on like mentioned in the Scene documentation:

Ok, I’m stupid! That makes sense!

I’ll try that when I get home tonight. Then place that scene on a input_boolean then send it to HomeKit!

Thanks for pointing that out. It’s always the little things I miss!

Appreciate it bro!

@Corey_Maxim or @amelchio do you have examples of your configuration of the LIFX cloud? I’m new and I don’t get it working yet. Scenes are made within the app, but I have difficulties with the scene setup within HA.