LIFX giveaway (Denmark)

I have a bunch of retired LIFX bulbs that I am giving away for free.

These are Generation 2 bulbs from around 2016. There are “Color 1000” and cold+warm “White 800”.

They work as well as the day I got them, which is to say: not without issues. They lack HomeKit support and their wifi is notoriously fragile, demanding an excellent signal. Also, they are fairly clunky and there are many lamps where they will not fit. Here is a comparison with a Hue bulb.

On the positive side, they are brighter and have more vivid colors than even current Hue models. They also dim very well and are my favorites for night lights. They are standalone wifi bulbs and work without any hub.

I am in the Copenhagen area but may be willing to ship to anywhere in Denmark if there is no local interest.

If you want one or more items, let me know by December 15th and I will distribute after that day.