Light and dark theme no longer follow phone theme

Since the update to the Android app yesterday the automatic change between light and dark theme no longer works.
It seems like both themes are identical.
At least there is no visible change when I switch between light and dark theme in the app-settings.

I am using the default theme configured in my user settings. It is set to “auto”.
When switching between light and dark theme in my user settings this still works.

Already restarted everything (app, wipe cache, phone, ha).

Confused if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong. Everything worked fine before the update.

So the app now offers a Light and Dark setting and if your device supports one that follows the system theme. If your device does not offer that you will need to stick to light or dark for the theme of the app. There was a lot of issues around themes and this was the best compromise for it. I believe only Android 10 devices support the ability to follow the system theme.

One other thing to check is that android system webview is up to date a well.

Thanks for you reply but I am still confused.
I have a pixel 3a with the current OS and Patchlevel and I do have light and dark theme, and this used to work in HA companion app until the recent update.

Now the light and dark theme in the app are identical. So switching between them does not produce any difference in the visual appearance.

Ally other apps switch the theme only HA companion does not.

From that I conclude that this is not an underlying OS-, component- or device-issue.

As far as I understand, the corresponding themes for dark and light are automatically created based on the current theme when activating this feature.

My device might have been in dark mode, when I updated. Now the themes seem to be messed up.

Even a total reset if the app (deleting cache and storage) and starting from scratch (which is quite cumbersome because I have to rename ALL sensors manually) did not bring any improvement.

So I am still confused what to do now.

So there are 3 options for theming. One is your system wide theme you set in device settings. Second is the app theme that is set in the App Configuration page (new option). Third is the HA front end setting found in our user profile. I was referring to the setting found in App Configuration. You want them all to stay on Auto so it follows the system theme. Hard to see whats going on with out a screenshot.

I don’t know how to describe it in any other way:

In the home assistant companion app in the side bar you have “app configuration” > “theme” this setting has three possible values: light, dark, system.

Let’s for the moment ignore “system”

When I switch between light and dark, there is no visual change.

Is this more clear?

Edit: I am pretty sure the automatic switching following the device-theme is actually working it just is not visible because both themes are identical.

so on my pixel 4 in app configuration when I switch to Light for the theme I see a white settings screen:

and HA front end which is set to auto shows as light:

Now when I switch to dark in app configuration settings changes to dark:

and HA front end shows as dark:

So if you don’t see it behaving like this then my next question is about any custom cards and integrations and if they are all up to date and whether or not Android System Webview is up to date.

The only custom component I have installed is HACS.
The Android web view should be current:

I am very meticulous in installing updates as they become available, in Android, mobile Apps, HA, HA Companion App, components, integrations an addons.

The switching between light and dark theme works flawlessly on my mobile browser:

So don’t think any of the involved external components is the issue.

In the Companion App however, the light and dark theme seem to identical:

Light theme:

Dark Theme:

I have no idea how this happened and why it has changed with the recent update of the companion app. The only idea I have, as I mentioned is the active theme (dark with auto) when I updated. This might explain, why I seem to be the only one affected.

Ah you know what we just had a PR merge that was meant to fix the theme selector for localized versions:

Are you apart of the Google Play Betas? If so it should be available in the next build.

I’ll just wait for the next regular release and hope for the best :wink:
Thanks for your help.

So, I couldn’t wait and thought you would appreciate a verification as well.

Just installed the beta, restarted the app and cleared the cache.
Unfortunately the situation did not change.

Disregard my last post, but if you can please submit an issue so we can look into it closer :slight_smile:

Just followed both suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the same problem with my galaxy note 8 so I have installed the old home assistant apk which works fine. In this case the update is not an improvement for me.

you need to chose “System”, let’s not ignore it.

Choosing “system”, means that it will follow the Android theme.

It doesn’t even switch manually, so why would it even work automatically.
Anyway I of course started of with sytstem.

Yeah, just installed the new version 2.4.0 and theme switching in the app works again. Thank you!

Problem solved in new version