Light and plex setup

Hi there i have two questions

1 i am trying to use the plex addon on for home assistant, it has been set up however when i try to run the web ui it won’t log in to the plex interface, please not that i access my HA through duckdns

  1. 2nd question is, i want to create an automation that does the following

Turn on my light on at a certian time, however if certian dates or date range come around, i want the lights to turn on and but activate a specifi effect in wled., then when these dates times have gone they revert back to the favourites that have been set up to run etc.

Did you follow the instructions here? At which step did you get stuck? Did everything work fine up to the step where it fails? Any errors in the addons log or home assistant log?

Yes i copied the claim code. Started the addon went to web ui clicked on that which said well something like that but it did not load anyting just said no connection