Light and switch icons not behaving

So I have several dimmable led bulbs, LinearLinc BulbZ, and a couple of Aeotec dual nano switches. I am having an issue with the icons not displaying properly on state changes.

For instance, on the dimmable bulbs, I have to toggle twich when turning them off for them to show that they are off. The bulbs are actually off after the first toggle and after the second, they are still off.

Same issue with the Aeotec dual nano’s. I have an automation set up that turns on both switches in the dual nano at sundown and off at sunrise. Turning on the icons toggle correctly, but turning off, even via automation, they remain on in the overview.

I am also running appdaemon and accessing with a tablet via the wall panel app, and the light icons have the same issue there also.

I have tried multiple config options that I have found throughout the community, but none of them seem to work.

Any ideas?

I have been playing with the z-wave settings some more and have a question.

From what I have read, the default polling interval is every 60 seconds or 60000ms.

I added the below to my configuration.yaml, then set one of my lights to a polling intensity to 1. But I am still seeing the poll only every 1 minute for that device.

polling_interval: 10000