Light brightness only synced one way

Hi guys, I’ve been continuing my journey to migrate from Smartthings to Home Assistant and so far things are going great. One issue I’ve come up against is within homekit, it appears that the light brightness does not get synced to homekit if it is set or updated elsewhere. I have some hive light bulbs as well as a fibaro rgbw controller, and if the brightness is updated elsewhere, via homeassistant or alexa for example, that is not shown in the Home app in iOS. The opposite however is fine, if you change it in the Home app, the brightness is correctly shown in homeassistant. This leads to some annoyances when an automation or alexa command has turned a light on, most of the time, it is shown as 0% brightness in the homekit app.

The light actually being on or off works fine, as does the colours for the rgbw controller, they sync no matter where the colour is changed, it only appears to be the brightness level.

Does anybody have any ideas or tips how to resolve this?

Nobody got any clues on this?

Is there any chance anyone can help me with this? Have I posted this in the wrong place?

Bumping this. Same issue pretty much.