Light bulb feature difference between Tuya integration & Tuya app

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G’Day, not even sure how to correctly describe my question, but here goes.

So i’ve installed the newly released official Tuya integration & i have control of my light bulbs now. No issues with basic functionality. However, it didn’t take me long to discover that control of the white light & coloured light settings is much more detailed with the Tuya app compared to what’s available with the entities in HA, at least from what i can see so far. For example, the Tuya app allows switching between white, colour & scene but the HA integration doesn’t give the same level of control.

I found that in HA as soon as i mess with colour control of a light then i can no longer revert the light to just plain & simple white mode. I have to go back to the Tuya app & activate the ‘white light’ or non-colour setting to effectively reset the bulbs to white only light.

My question is: Is this a limitation of the Tuya/Light integration or do i have to investigate the use of light profiles via light_profiles.csv or some other customisations to try to equalise the features of these lights? Maybe this is normal behaviour as of now. This is my first time experiencing RGBW bulbs in my home.

For reference i included some screen shots of the Tuya app & the HA controls to show the differences i found.


Sorry, i don’t know the answer but you can create an issue on github to track this with dev team, if you can’t find a solution

I have since found that if i create some scenes in the Tuya app then reload the integration those scenes are added to HA. Then i can activate those scenes to apply the settings i want.
That helps quite a bit.